Thermos Flask in India – History and Uses

Thermos flask also called as Vacuum flask in a storage container for many types of beverages that is insulated from inside to keep the beverages hot or cold for considerable duration of time. Thermoses are very popular across the world and is of great help during traveling. The best thing about Vacuum Flasks is that they seem to have an almost miraculous ability to insulate the hot or cold liquid inside against the outside environment. It does not let heat either to come out or come in and hence making the liquid stored inside to remain to their kept temperature. When you look inside a Thermos flask, it’s typically just a shiny glass inside. How can that insulate?!

Thermos Flask Working Principle

Most thermos flask has two walls, which are evacuated and the vacuum bottle is silvered on the inside. The vacuum between the two walls prevents heat being transferred from the inside to the outside by conduction and convection. With very small amount of air between the walls, there is almost no transfer of heat or very minute of amount of heat from the inner wall to the outer wall by convection. Conduction can only occur at the points where the two walls meet, at the top of the bottle and through an insulated support at the bottom. The shiny walls which is made of of silver reflect radiated heat back to the inside, the same way a space blanket does.

If you have a good thermos flask, there is little chance of heat leaking out. If your thermos is not able to keep your tea or coffee hot for at least six hours, you should consider changing your flask. Here are some reviews of top thermos flask in India. Heat leaks out of cups of tea on the table by three mechanisms: conduction, convection, and radiation. But with vacuum, there’s no material to allow any conduction across the gap, and no fluid (such as air) to provide convection. As for radiation, the temperature difference isn’t big, and heat-radiation tends to work best when things are shining bright like stars. Cups of tea, well they don’t do that so much. A glass bottle inside a glass bottle, with vacuum in the gap between. That’s how it’s done. However, this won’t stand up without some supports, so there are a few small spacers in between to keep the whole thing together. The spacers are small and don’t allow much leakage.

Why Thermos Flask Are Good Insulator

thermos as good insulator

  • Conduction: Can’t occur in a vacuum since conduction can only occur in matters and there is no matter in a vacuum.
  • Convection: Can’t occur in a vacuum, since convection only occurs in fluids such as air, and there is no air in vacuum.
  • Radiation: They can travel through vacuum. But the electromagnetic waves are bounced back by the reflective glass walls of thermos flask which in turn greatly reduce heat loss by radiation.

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Storage technology improves hard drive perfromance

Storage specialist WD, formerly known as Western Digital, announced the expansion of its WD Red Pro hard drive line with the release of 5TB and 6TB capacities. Though many may believe we are on the verge of moving away from spinning magnetic storage, Seagate and LSI are here to say that that is not going to happen soon. Almost all data resides on hard drives. The lowly hard drive does almost everything well. It’s good, fast, and cheap for nearly all scenarios wherever data is stored. Standard hard drives are not disaster proof. ioSafe waterproof and fireproof hard drives offer a solution to that problem. The two companies are working on ways to make magnetic drives faster and more safe, which is something everyone can use with the storage always being the item that brings up the rear in every computer’s speed. The WD Red Pro family is suited for network-attached storage (NAS) systems having up to 16 drive bays and serving businesses with more expansive storage needs than the standard WD Red drives.

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Computer Storage Technology Has Gone Beyond Traditional Hard Drives

The company also announced the expansion of its Black line of performance hard drives with up to 6TB capacity, which retail for just under $300. Perpendicular recording was pioneered by the late 19th century work of Danish scientist Valdemar Poulsen, who demonstrated magnetic recording with his telegraphone. Shipping now, the 3.5-inch, 7,200-rpm drive is aimed at gamers and professionals who need high-performance desktop systems and workstations. He is widely thought to have been the first to experiment with magnetically recorded sound using perpendicular methods. Black hard drives combine 7,200-rpm spin speed, 128MB cache, dual-stage actuator technology, Serial ATA 6G-bps interface, and an integrated dual processor, and they are up to 29 percent faster than the previous Black 4TB version in maximum data rate throughput.

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The comparison between the different storage devices

The drives also feature dynamic cache technology, which helps improve caching algorithms in real time to better allocate and optimize cache between reads and writes. Jun Naruse, chief of Hitachi Global Storage Technologies, said the industry was on the “cusp of the most significant hard drive technology transition of the past decade”. This movement of cache for read data helps to reduce congestion and increase overall performance. “Consumers’ demand for storing more data on smaller devices has provided a strong impetus for us to pursue perpendicular recording with a greater sense of urgency,” he said. “For our more professional and discriminating WD Black customers, offering a five-year warranty reflects WD’s commitment to customers who place the highest demands on their equipment and the level of engineering and design that we have implemented in this drive,” Bulik noted.

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Power Banks For Mobile Phones in India

Our smartphones are built on Moore’s law that provides many functionality that’s been increasing day by day. Today’s mobile phones are not only used for making calls to your friends and relatives, it is also used for variety of different purposes including listening music, watching movies, playing games, surfing internet and socializing with your dear ones through the use of social media. But there is one problem that is faced by mobile users is battery. Though our mobiles have become smartphones, but the same growth is not been done on mobile battery and hence it quickly dies out and could not able to last for 24 hours owing to increase of use.

Power Banks a good option

In order to over come the battery problem, many users are now relying on portable power banks for recharging their mobile phone at times when directly charging the mobile is not possible. Power banks are portable device that is small in size and light in weight. They can be easily carried in a pocket or hand bag. Power banks in India are getting increasingly popular as now more and more Indians rely on smartphones for their daily activities. Power banks uses Lithium Ion or Lithium Polymer battery which can store more power compare to other type of batteries. The most promising efforts to extend battery life of smartphones have involved experimental enhancements that passively harvest energy from the surrounding environment, such as wireless charging, touchscreens with built-in solar cells and piezoelectric systems designed to absorb kinetic energy. Many iPhone users rely heavily on power banks for recharging their smartphone. Here are top power banks for iPhone in India.
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Boiler Maintenance Contract in UK

A boiler maintenance contract in United Kingdom is a legal document which contains in writing the detailed terms and conditions of your service agreement. It is usually in a proforma kind of standard document supplied by the company depending on the type of package you select. Some companies have a bronze, silver and gold package offer depending on the comprehensiveness of the service. The gold package usually combines the services provided in the silver and bronze and is the most expensive.

Before a contract is entered into, the service contractor usually does an assessment of your boiler. It is the usual practice among maintenance companies that a boiler should be in good working condition and passes the company’s age eligibility requirement. Terms of a comprehensive maintenance contract can cover boiler, water heater, gas appliance service, a full system check of your plumbing and central heating system, and the provision of 24/7 call center facilities, emergency call outs, fast response time, gas safety inspection, etc. Emergency work is understood to be an hour of rapid response from the time your call is received to the time of arrival When it comes to the first standing order, the contract can specify the provision that there should be a time period to be followed from the date of the standing period which is at least two weeks in most cases. With regards to defects in the parts of the boiler like the flue, the contract can stipulate that in case it has been internally or externally unsealed, the unit has to be switched off automatically. Or if your boiler has been inspected and found to be “Immediately Dangerous”, it will be turned off together with the gas supply with proper notice sent to the owner. Oil boiler service in Birmingham are provided at cheap rates here.

boiler-repair-birmingham-UKAdditional terms and conditions about boiler repairs or replacements of needed boiler parts are also clearly set forth and agreed upon. In case of the need to replace old boilers, a provision is usually provided as a come on by the service company that they can offer a new boiler at a discounted price. Additional fee is also included when there is a need to provide some earth bonding to the boiler or meter. Even arrangements during call outs at peak seasons like Christmas and holidays are provided for in the contract. Further, a provision such as a “No Show Charge“ fee in instances of booked appointments where you are late or did not appear by more than 30 minutes in your place where the boiler is can also be included.
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Sewing Machines in India Uses and Importance

Many people think that sewing is a very difficult task, but its much simple and easier than most of people think. You can think of sewing like putting many pieces of a puzzle together and then stitching these pieces to permanently attach them together. Sewing is not very complicated, it is very simple and basic project. If you give some time, it can be a very fun hobby which you will enjoy. Sewing by your own can allow you to make your own clothing and fancy dresses. Imagine being able to use whatever fabrics and colors you want around your house or for your wardrobe!

When buying a sewing machines for home use in India, there are many popular brands and types of sewing machine to choose from. These machines also differ in prices some are cheap while others are expensive. It is always better for new user to select sewing machine that are easy to use and are capable of performing at least minimum sewing functions. Most domestic sewing machines in India can perform sewing straight stitches and zig-zag pattern while some with advance features are capable of buttonholes.

Sewing Machine for basic stitching

sewing-machine-brand-price-list-in-india[1]The first project for a an inexperience sewer is to make a basic baby dress or pillows. Pillows can be made from two squares of fabric simply sewn together and then joined together. To make a pillow is very simple you don’t even need a pattern. If you can cut out a square then you can make a great pillow.

If you want to make a clothing item for your first sewing project, I suggest you start with a simple summer type dress for kids. Having something useful and pretty when you get done can give you an amazing sense of accomplishment. If you have a young child to sew for you can make a child sized dress, otherwise try one for an adult.
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Preventing Mosquitoes Bites Using Mosquito Repellents

Mosquitoes are one of the most annoying and are known to disturb human beings especially during night. This tiny little insect are among the deadliest and has caused death of thousands across the world. Mosquito has been derived from Spanish which means small fly. Not all mosquito bites only female mosquitoes feed on human blood. It is been said mosquitoes are the single largest animal that kills million people every year by transmitting dangerous viruses and parasites. They causes diseases such as Malaria, dengue, yellow fever and west nile virus.

Mosquito-borne illnesses like Malaria, West Nile virus, eastern equine encephalitis, dengue and even canine heart-worms can spread throughout a population. The infected person don’t even realize they’ve picked up a disease until the symptoms begin to show. A female mosquito when bites an infected person or animal, sucks up the diseased blood and passes it on to the next person she bites.

Using Mosquito Repellent to prevent mosquito bites

Mosquito repellent is one of the most effective way in keeping these harmful insects away and thus protecting ourselves from many dreadful diseases. Mosquito repellent with DEET is quiet effective in preventing mosquito bites for longer hours. These repellents comes with different concentration, for smaller kids and babies use DEET with less concentration. Here are some of the best mosquito Repellents for Babies. If your skin is sensitive to synthetic repellents, you can opt for natural repellents like Citronella. They are naturally produces and have citrus scent that masks other smells making it hard for mosquitoes to find food. The scent of lactic acid and carbon dioxide produced by humans are masked by the plant’s smell.

repel-mosquitoes using repellentYou can find out many citronella products in local store as well as on Amazon. Most commonly uses products are oils and candles for repelling mosquitoes. You can also use live plant. Breaking and crushing the leaves of the plant will draw out the oil. It is safe to use for most people.
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What Should You Look For in Security Door Locks?

You love your home and you love all your things inside of it. Don’t you want to protect those possessions of yours? I am sure you do and that is why you may be looking into security door locks. Most locks are designed to protect your home from unwanted guests and criminals, but some do that job a lot better than others. When it comes to deterring theft, what should you look for in high security door locks?

Many individuals protect their home with a traditional latch lock. A best deadbolt for home can add an extra level of security. In fact, many of the individuals whose main goal is to get security door locks have both. There is the traditional latch key lock and then a deadbolt on top or underneath it.

high security door lockWhen we lose our house keys, one of the first things we do is go and change the locks to those keys. But did you know that a criminal doesn’t even need to steal your key for good? They can “borrow” it for a while, make a copy, and then have full access to your home and everything inside of it. While the chances of this happening are rare, it can happen. It might be within your interest to opt for locks with key control. These are locks that cannot be copied at any traditional hardware store. It must be done at a specific store or by the manufacturer.

The most important thing to look for when buying a door lock is the ANSI Grade classification and this should be 1. A good door lock will be rated by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI). You might also find a similar rating made by the Builders Hardware Manufacturer’s Association (BHMA).

The way that a lock is built can make the difference between it being an “okay” one and a “secure” one. For example, all deadbolts are designed to provide extra security and they do. With that said some locks actually come with saw-resistant bolts!
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The Way To Live Greener And Save The Planet

Perhaps you are already familiar with some of the accessible information regarding living greener. Perhaps you could have worked out that not all you have found will apply to you. The thing about it is that you have to think about linked topics that may have a direct bearing on you. There is usually much more you can come across and use that will be very beneficial to you. This can prove to be a challenge for anyone if you need very unique kinds of information and help. Well, we have done our exploration into living greener, and we believe it will be of good use for you.

Artificial trees as a way to remove CO2 is an old idea that seems to have moved slowly forward since it was first discussed and in some ways has not highlighted what seems a blindingly obvious message, but more on that later. The premise is that an artificial tree as mentioned at a conference in the USA in 2003 has now moved into a prototype stage, but it will be several more years before it goes into production. In part, we owe our existence to a process called the greenhouse effect. Inside an artificial greenhouse filled with plants, the surrounding glass traps the sun’s energy, making it warm inside, even while outside the temperature may be much colder. This same effect happens every day on the Earth. Gases within the atmosphere act like glass, trapping the sun’s heat. These gases include water vapor, carbon dioxide, methane, nitrous oxide, ozone, and chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs).

While I know that we have Arbor Day, and everyone should plant a tree every Arbor Day, that is only taking care of a small part of the problem. In reality, trees are not being planted by most people. If each one of us could do our part and plant a tree, it would make a big difference.
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